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Byron Bay Region

Australian designer Jasmyn Eliza takes the age old skill of crochet and gives it a new lease on life; becoming signature fashion pieces for the Gypsy's and the dreamers. Channeling the inner bohemian goddess in all of us, Jasmyn Eliza produces thoughtful, unique and quality items.




It all started when...

Jasmyn learned to crochet at a Steiner school in grade 3, many years later as an adult, fuled by  desire to create items for herself that she just could not find anywhere to purchase, JASMYN ELIZA the label was born, from humble beginnings, many trials and even more errors, JASMYN ELIZA is now able to offer truely unique designs, of a high quality, as well as hand making each bikini to order, JASMYN ELIZA is now working along side local Balinese artisans to provide a range of clothing to compliment her line of swimwear. 

why fit in when you were born to stand out?

What makes JASMYN ELIZA bikinis special? Each bikini is 100% HANDMADE BY THE DESIGNER, meaning you are able to have input, tweak it slightly, request a special colour, or colour combination, making your JASMYN ELIZA piece custom for you, ONE OF A KIND, unique.

Designer Jasmyn is now also working alongside local Balinese artisans to bring to life a clothing line for the gypsies and the dreamers, beach, street and FESTIVAL wear for all the boho babes.


Its the gypsy life for me

Drawing inspiration from the bohemian carefree lifestyle, Jasmyn works along side like minded brands and industry creatives to create magical dreamscape concept photography and lookbooks. 

All BIKINIS are handmade in the BYRON BAY region of Australia, surrounded by perfect beaches, magical mountains and rainforests. 


JASMYN ELIZA BIINIS are made using cotton/acrylic blends, after much trial and error using a variety of fibres, The cotton/acrylic blends just get the best result, Yes you can swim in our line of bikinis, however be aware, these are woven garments, and my stretch slightly over time, when wet they will feel heavier than traditional nylon swimwear and are not quick drying.